Information Manager Role

The information manager role is the enterprise system manager role responsible for information capability management of the information capability system.

The information manager role is supported by the information architect role.

The information manager role uses the information architecture to support information capability management responsibilities and activities. The information architect role is responsible for the information architecture.

The information manager role is a managerial role on the enterprise architecture team and has interconnections and interdependencies with all team members and what the team members do. With the knowledge of how everyone fits in and the setting of expectations between everyone, the team will be a team and the enterprise manager role will be able to best utilize the talent of the individuals.

As shown in Figure 34 – Information Manager Concept Diagram, the information manager has management responsibilities for

and is interconnected with and interdependent on the


Information ManagerFigure 34 – Information Manager Concept Diagram

  • EA Practitioners in the Information Manager Role

    In practice, the responsibilities of the role may be filled by the following organizational position examples: “CDO”, “Knowledge Manager” or “C&DM Manager”.

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