Enterprise System Management

Enterprise system management is a systematic ability for conceiving, organizing, developing, recording, governing, enabling, managing, analyzing, planning, executing, controlling, monitoring, measuring, improving, maintaining and assuring the value-added resources of the enterprise and the success of the enterprise as a whole.

Enterprise system management is an ability to systematically manage the enterprise system capability in order to enable and assure the whole enterprise (all of what the enterprise is and all of what the enterprise does), is serving the purposes of satisfying the cost, schedule, ability and socio-cultural needs and requirements of the customers and stakeholders, serving the enterprise mission, and sustaining the existence of the enterprise.

The goal of enterprise system management is to enable and assure the management and abilities of the offerings and capabilities are controlled, balanced and aligned to the mission and needs of the enterprise system.

The enterprise system manager role is responsible for enterprise system management.

The enterprise system manager role is supported by the enterprise system architect role and enterprise system architecture.

Each system element of the enterprise system capability, including the customers, vendor/suppliers, industry standards/regulations, and competitors in the external working environment, has an associated management capability.

As shown in Figure 14- Enterprise System Management Concept Diagram, enterprise system management includes

Figure 14- Enterprise System Management Concept Diagram

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