Service Architect Role

The service architect role is the enterprise system architect role responsible for architecting the service offering architecture in support of the service manager role.

The service manager role uses the service offering architecture in support of service offering management of the service offering system.

The service architect role as a team member has inter-dependencies with other team members and what the others do. With the knowledge of how everyone fits in and the setting of expectations between everyone, the team will be a team and will be able to best utilize the talent of the individuals.

As shown in Figure 79 – Service Architect Concept Diagram, the service architect role has architecture responsibilities for

and is interconnected with and interdependent on the



SrvAFigure 79 – Service Architect Concept Diagram

EA Practitioners in the Service Architect Role

In practice, the service architect role is often divided by the specialty areas into the sub-roles of customer needs architect role, service requirements architect role, service catalog architect role, service levels architect role, abilities architect role, and service delivery architect role.

When the service architect role is divided into sub-roles, the service architect role enables and assures these architectural roles are integrated in their efforts so their architectures integrate and with other architectures outside the service architecture.

It should be noted in practice, the service architect role is often fully or partially combined with the enterprise architect role or other architectural roles to provide an organizationally needed job (a “specialty”) to address special needs and other organizational needs and limitations of the organization.

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