Standard Business is a fully integrated source of capability management information shared to promote standard definition of the most basic and fundamental “Standard Capabilities” all businesses require to function regardless of the business domain, the size of the business, whether the business is for profit or is non-profit, or the specific goods or services the business delivers.  The scope, scale and levels of effort, detail and maturity to which these capabilities are realized may vary, but in the 21st century, most businesses require an interconnected mix of people, process, information and technology including startups, small businesses and sole proprietors.

The enterprise system and capabilities definition on the Standard Business site is from my 2016 book Defining Enterprisepresented in webBook format without my elaboration on the definition nor my opinions or experiences that are found in the eBook at eaBooks.net.

I utilized the architectural structure of the enterprise system and its system elements to structure this site, in order to promote, across the Standard Business communities on the site, a clear, concise and integrated understanding of “WHO is responsible for WHAT” and “the resources which need to be considered,” as a business grows in size and complexity with people, process, information and technology changing at faster rates as all become more interconnected and more interdependent.

Please note “Standard Abilities” and “Communities” are under construction and will be fully functional in the future as time allows and supporting participation develops.  “Standard Abilities” will provide standard functional definition and examples of WHAT & WHEN.”  “Communities” will provide links to additional community-specific information and an ability for registered users to participate.

To participate, support, send comments, report broken links, inquire or otherwise contact me, please use the “Contact Standard Business” form.

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