Offerings and Capabilities

Offerings and capabilities are organized collections of specific people, process, information, technology and other “resources” of the enterprise system which together function to realize a specific value-added ability to satisfy a customer-based need, in order to accomplish the goal of serving the enterprise mission and sustaining the existence of the enterprise system.

Offerings and capabilities are realized in a systematic way by the enterprise system capability.

Capabilities are realized to meet the specific needs of the internal environment, to enable and assure the realization of offerings to the external environment, and to serve the collective goal of the enterprise.

Offerings are capabilities provided to serve the specific needs of customers in the external environment and to meet the collective goal of the enterprise.

The enterprise system has a working lifecycle beginning with an idea that develops into the offerings and the capabilities needed to realize both the offerings and the idea. The enterprise system, offerings and capabilities are realized over time and mature in progressive lifecycle phases.  The enterprise system is sustained over the working lifecycle by maintenance, improvement, changes and transformations, and/or eventually retired and dispositioned accordingly.

The enterprise system working lifecycle begins with an idea/vision and a motivation to create or change an enterprise to serve the purpose of offering a value-adding system or service needed by a customer, a mission with the goal of supplying value-added ability to satisfy needed demand.

The enterprise system working (operating) in the external working environment drives needs for offerings and capabilities which function to realize abilities to enable and assure accomplishing what the enterprise is capable of and what the enterprise is able to do.

As shown in Figure 5- Offerings and Capabilities Concept Diagram, the offerings and capabilities of the enterprise system are differentiated by their basic and fundamental purpose as the

Enterprise O&C

Figure 5- Offerings and Capabilities Concept Diagram

Through time offerings and capabilities continue to increase in capability, capacity, size and complexity, and this drives a need for a systematic ability for realizing what the enterprise is and what the enterprise does, and an enterprise system capability system is formed and continues to develop over time.

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